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Burnt Bridge Loop Trail


Segments of this trail are part of the ancient grease trail network and it was likely used by Sir Alexander Mackenzie on his historic expedition across Canada by Land in 1793 The viewpoint overlooks the beautiful Bella Coola Valley to the west. It is only a short 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint. The trail then continues above Burnt Bridge Creek to a spectacular suspension bridge, loops back on west side back to the parking area. The trail has a great selection of tree types including Douglas-Fir, Cedar and Cottonwood. Watch for great views of Stupendous Mountain. This trail can be completed in 1-2 hours.

Trail Status: 
Tweedsmuir Park
5 km Moderate Foot
Maintenance requirements: 
Low to Mod/ Outhouse Signage to clarify separation with MacKenzie trail Potential for another viewpoint on west side of creek looking towards east.
High - 3