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Capoose Summer Trail


The trail is part of the ancient network of ‘grease’ trails that climb onto the plateau above the valley and make their way into Tweedsmuir Park and join the Alexander Mackenzie / Heritage Grease Trail. This is a steep steady climb that passes through a number of different ecosystems (second growth, fire scarred old growth and higher up, subalpine and alpine). For a short hike of about one-half to one hour one way, you can get to a spectacular viewpoint looking east to Firvale and south to Glacier and Cacoohtin Creeks. Defiance Mountain is due south with its glacier shouldering the steep north face. Nusatsum Mountain is on the west. At the start of an old burn, the trail is overgrown and may be difficult to discern.

Trail Status: 
REC 3052
1 km to lookout, 18 km to Alex Mac trail Moderate Foot
Maintenance requirements: 
Moderate Obstacles View clearing Signage Parking Brushing Install rock cairns above tree line Lower loop reroute?
Low to Mod - 15