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Goat Ledge > Goat Ridge circuit


An aesthetic, intriguing and somewhat adventurous mini-circuit combining the Goatskin wall descent trail (aka Goat Ledge) and Goat Ridge.

Take the Upper Bluffs trail towards Enso Pool, turning uphill at the 2nd water feature to take the Goatskin wall descent trail. Follow the cut and flagged line steeply through bluffy terrain for about 400 vertical meters to gain the long treed Goat Ledge feature. Pick your way through the boulders and dense forest for about 2km, enjoying the many views overlooking the vast wall. As the ledge opens up, follow talus uphill towards the base of a steep, clean ~100m wall. Before the base of the wall, exit right on up-trending ledges to gain the alpine. Follow the mostly open granite ridge East, then down the Goat Ridge trail.

There is no defined trail from the East side of Goat Ledge until the alpine ridge. The features are simple enough to follow, but large talus blocks, sections of thick brush, and weather-related visibility issues could complicate matters. Some route-finding required.

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