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Grey Jay / Blue Jay North Bentinck Lookout


This trail and boardwalk wind through alpine forest along Grey Jay Lake and then wanders through open meadows and wetlands to end at a viewpoint overlooking North and South Bentinck Arms. It offers a nice afternoon stroll and on return there is the option for a refreshing swim in Blue Jay Lake. Views of the Coast Mountains are spectacular, although somewhat limited compared to the ridge above M Gurr Lake. Alpine flowers are abundant in the summer. Blue Jay Lake is much warmer than M Gurr Lake and, uniquely, this high elevation lake contains trout.

Trail Status: 
REC 5895ConservancyParks responsibility
2 km to lookout Easy to moderate Foot access
Maintenance requirements: 
Moderate/ Partial reroute Trail widening Foot bridges Boardwalk Signage View clearing Safety rails All facilities need work
Moderate - 12