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Odegaard Falls


The Odegaard Falls area in the Nusatsum valley is a must see attraction as it is in the heart of the Coast Mountain wilderness with its spectacular peaks and glaciers. The falls are very impressive, especially in early summer when it swells with snow melt. The trail to the falls passes through an old mossy forest of western hemlock, Sitka spruce and amabilis fir. You get the first view of the falls from the foot bridge crossing the Nusatsum River. There is a great viewpoint at the base of the falls that have a vertical drop of ~175m.

Should re-route trail to stay on west side of creek, enhance trail to top meadow.

Trail Status: 
REC 5894
200 m river trail 2 km falls trail Moderate Foot Fire pit & table at viewing site, two tables at trail head campsite
Maintenance requirements: 
Mod-High Obstacles Drainage Footbridges Signage Trail markers Hazard remove View clearing Safety rail Outhouse Fire ring
High - 2


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One bridge is out and hikers are required to "shimmy" across a log.