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Snooka Trail System


East Loop: This trail undulates through second growth forest and was developed for mountain biking but provides a pleasant shaded walk on a hot day.
The East loop takes off from the south loop and heads east on to private land and ends at Hwy 20. The trail is maintained by the property owner so please respect their goodwill by practicing courteous trail etiquette.

South Loop: A pleasant shaded walk on a hot day, this trail provides more vegetation variety than the East Trail as it starts in second growth forest then meanders to an old growth cedar stand. It crosses Snooka creek at a narrow bridge and then loops back to the parking area.

West Loop: The west trail features scenic views of Bella Coola and the Four Mile residential area, historic Tallheo Cannery and North Bentinck Arm. The viewpoint also looks down on Thorsen Creek and the site of the petroglyphs. The lower trail is an old road but cattle and horses use this area and the trail is therefore only for hiking.

Trail Status: 
REC 6328
East –3 km South loop–1.7 West loop-3.8/ Easy to moderate/ Foot\, limited bike & ATV
Maintenance requirements: 
Moderate/ Trail widening Drainage Hazard remove View clearing Don’t replace foot bridges on active creek fan
Moderate - 8