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Tweedsmuir Trail


This section of trail is part of a larger network of trails in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. The trail beyond the lower lookout is not maintained and travel beyond is not recommended. The lower section, however, is a nice walk through a dominantly pine and Douglas-fir forest to a couple of vantage points above the Atnarko River Valley floor and Mosher Creek’s steep sidewalls. Look across the valley and check out the old slide. These large boulders tumbled down some time ago and now are beginning to establish a forest. Look further up valley to see the route to Hunlen Falls, Lonesome Lake and the Turner Lake Chain.

Trail Status: 
Tweedsmuir Park
2 km to lower lookout Moderate Foot
Maintenance requirements: 
Mod to High Obstacles Signage Trail markers Parking View clearing Camp site
Low to Mod14