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Tatsquan Ridge

A beautiful hike through steep timber from downtown up into the alpine. Climb the '100 stairs' to the reservoir, immediately turn left towards the creek, follow a well-tracked steep trail upwards to briefly join a logging road; ~100m down the road, re-enter the forest following a well-flagged route. Continue steeply through timbered benches to a viewpoint, then past flagging up through open, old-growth timber, all the way into the alpine of Tatsquan ridge and beyond. A sustained and enjoyable hike with many points of interest.

There is a lookout at about 380m for those who would like a shorter hike with a reward at the end!

Note: there is NO running water along the trail; bring enough water to enjoy the day!

*Development of the route to gain the actual peak/ridge is in progress. Awaiting snow melt so the route is set in the best possible place. *March 26, 2019*

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